The power that lies in thinking and reflecting is amazing. Finding the time and space to stop and do this can be more of an amazing feat.  As the year begins to wind down, our culture directs reflecting in front of us with the top 10 countdowns of stories, songs, tv shows and whatever else happened in world. We are encouraged to make resolutions and bid the old year goodbye-welcoming the possibilities of what is to come. That can be exciting and scary at the same time. The unknowns for type A people and planners is never a completely comfortable spot. Where do you do your best reflecting? Does it lead to change for you? Many times it does because it comes from you.

Do we build reflection opportunities for our students to go along with their learning? Providing opportunities for self-assessment and thinking about the “why” of an answer can be as powerful as the learning itself. Like everything else, it takes time and is often why it is left behind.

Secondary student and teacher reflections

Elementary student self-assessment example

Reflection for educators: What is your top 5 list of learnings for the past year? How has this impacted your growth and student learning?