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Elementary Classroom Mgmt Plan with links

Secondary Classroom Management Plan

Planning for your First Year as a Spartan

Most Common Behavior Challenges MPS

Setting Expectations  A short video about setting expectations on Day 1 A must watch on how to be firm, fair and consistent from Day 1

Scripts for Starting  Read about 2 teachers who share their first day of school scripts. A sample first grade Day 1 & 2 script

7 Practical Tips to Help Teachers Get Through Their Day

Planning for Procedures to become Routines

**There are thousands of reasons students can interrupt the flow of a class. Most times it is not intentional, but in many cases it can be. By introducing and practicing procedures over and over again at the beginning of school, the rest of the year will have a better flow if you are consistent in implementing them. Here are some procedures to have in place and teach repeatedly from day 1. And yes, you will have to repeatedly teach and practice them until everyone is tired of hearing it. Trust me on this one. Again in December, January, and April you will again be providing reminders and practice.

  • sharpening pencils/lost pencil,
  • getting a kleenax,
  • turning in work, passing out work/papers,
  • using the restroom,
  • getting a drink,
  • going to lockers,
  • visiting the nurse,
  • lining up/walking in the hallway
  • entering the room,
  • getting their attention,
  • getting supplies/books,
  • using the computer,
  • asking for help,
  • transitioning from seat work to groups/centers,
  • answering a question or making a comment during a lesson/discussion,
  • making a lunch choice (elementary),
  • turning in late work
  • acceptable noise levels (silent, talk quietly, group work, class discussion, outside)

Use humor to explain your syllabus

Use Memes and Humor to Connect with Students