While everyone has their system that makes sense for organizing, the truth is, that not organizing will create many headaches and tears. Start with a system and tweak it as you go. Here are some general rules of thumb:

1. Try to touch paper as few times as possible. You will get a lot of it. At the very least, make a folder for immediate attention (try to do it then if possible), within the week and for within the month. File everything else…now.

2. Make a list. Make a list. Make a list. I see my “non list making” teachers really struggle with staying organized because of it. My really organized teachers struggle because the list seems to never be done. ¬†Prioritize the top 3-5 things on the list and give yourself a moment to celebrate when they get accomplished.

3. You will be the model for your students regarding what you expect with regard to organization. Set a timer and spend that amount of time uninterrupted  completing the tasks that need to be done. If it is organizing your desk, filing papers, grading papers, filling out paperwork or whatever else is a stressor that seems to be keeping you from feeling accomplished, USE THE TIMER and just get started. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

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Organizational Strategies for Managing Your Classroom